Sauna Zen


Enjoy the Spa Experience Without Ever Leaving Home

Now you can get the exact same spa equipment used by health clubs, spa centers, professional sports teams and wellness clinics for use in your home or apartment.  For years, Sauna Zen has been selling infrared saunas, salt caves, salt rooms, salt walls, sensory deprivation float tanks and hot tubs to these organizations and now, with new technology and designs, these spa quality therapy units are available for use in your home without any drop-off in health benefits.

Natural Holistic Wellness Therapy Products For Your Home

Sauna Zen is dedicated to bringing the therapeutic benefits of the spa into the comfort of your home.  Spa treatments are wonderful.  They relax you, they renew you, they put your mind and body at rest.

We love spas.  In fact, some of Sauna Zen’s biggest customers are spas (where do you think they get their saunas, salt caves and float tanks from?).  However, we feel that the benefits of spa treatments can be adversely affected by the commute to and from the spa.  And let’s face it, when you use a spa you are at the mercy of their schedule and hours of operation.

Convenience is a large part of wellness follow through.  A spa or gym membership does you no good if you don’t use it.  How many times have you put off a spa or gym visit because you were too busy?  With Sauna Zen’s wellness therapy solutions for the home you can enjoy their benefits according to your schedule. In-home wellness therapy solutions means there’s no stressful commute to and from the spa to receive your treatments which means you maximize their effects.

Sauna Zen is a big proponent of natural, drug-free, holistic wellness therapy.  By the time we hit our 30s, our bodies start to deteriorate.  That’s why you see the majority of professional athletes hit their peak in their early 30s.