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Last Updated and Effective November 1, 2019

Terms of service:  Terms and conditions apply to all customers whether online or via the phone or mail. All clients agree to the entire terms and conditions when ordering products from, or our affiliates. Please read the complete terms and conditions in their entirety. Should you have any questions please email or call. Please note: all sizes, colors, shapes, and weights are estimated. If one does not agree or one can’t accept the terms of use, please do not continue. Note: All sizes and shapes are best estimates each customer accepts that all items are made from natural resources and will vary from item to item. Please read the entire agreement.

Shipping and Handling: All in-stock products ship within one to two business days (order must be received before 2 PM P.S.T) through a shipping partner such as USPS. Unless otherwise indicated, shipping is ground transport. Orders received on Holidays and Weekends will ship the following business day or the next business day.  Please allow 5-9 business days for your shipment to arrive unless you choose an expedited shipping method (expedited shipping subject to additional charges.) Sauna Zen is not responsible for delays due to holiday shipping traffic, weather or other natural delays. Please use our customer support form located here. Our customer service department will generally need to review your order and each situation before we can respond to your service related requests. Please note all tracking – shipment questions are handled by customer support via email. Emails are checked and returned within 8 business hours if not sooner.

  • Important note – Lost or Stolen we are not responsible for orders if they are shipped and show as delivered to the addresses provided. It is important to note there are no refunds or reshipments if the items are confirmed delivered.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure a safe delivery location, not the shipper. No exceptions will be made to this policy regardless of how adamant a customer is.

Free shipping mode – is not a guaranteed shipping service. All delivery times are estimated and can vary depending on the volume of orders and/or time of year. We do provide low cost prioritized shipments and suggest one consider this if items are needed faster. Again free shipping is not a guaranteed delivery service—all delivery times are estimates and delivery times can vary from this estimate.

Return/Exchange Policy: Return/Exchange Policy: All products carry a return guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return any item within 30 days of purchase. We will be glad to make an exchange, issue a credit or refund. Refunds are processed by a rebate check or issued via Pay Pal. All returns must include the original packaging and be in new condition unopened and unused. Items open or used or damaged upon a return are not returnable unless predetermined with a Sauna Zen customer support person in writing. All returns are subject to a restocking fee of 10% to 25% depending on the condition and timing of the return. Note: any return after the 30 day period may be refused for that reason alone.  If the products are unpacked, they may not be accepted as returns. Please note items on clearance or display items have no return policy and are sold as is. Contact your sales professional for more details.

Important note: all natural items are one of a kind and will vary in size, weight, and shape. The buyer understands that all items are different and will vary in appearance and that all estimated weights and measures are the best possible estimates. Return shipping or postage is the responsibility of the returning party – we do not pay return shipping unless it is an error on our part. Note if you do not agree with the return policy please arrange other shipping options.
Customers can return the items via ups or other shipping modalities; we can arrange to have items picked up by our current carrier, however the carrier does charge a pickup fee. All shipping fees will be deducted from refunds upon return and receipt of items in question. Refunds are done within 10-14 days from receipt of returns.

Please Note, returns and refunds are NOT accepted for supplements, skin care regimen, personal care such as Detox creams and our edible products. No returns are accepted for Halo Generators. Halo Generators are an individual health product and as such once ordered are non-cancelable.  As each Halo Generator is ordered by Sauna Zen from our overseas manufacturer at the time the customer’s order is placed with Sauna Zen. Once a customer’s order for manufacture has been processed there are no refunds or cancelations. Please contact us if you have any other questions regarding this important policy,

Sauna and Salt Cave and Float Tank System Notices: Please note it is required when purchasing a sauna, salt cave or float tank that the end user consults with a certified electrician. Saunas, salt caves and float tanks have specific electrical requirements and those must be reviewed by a certified electrician.  Each sauna, salt cave and float tank system has clearly posted electrical requirements that are posted on this website, as well as on the sauna unit itself and in the paperwork for the float tank systems. The proper interpretation of said electronic specs is best handled by a certified electrician. Failure to do so could result in damage to the sauna, float and or the location and is not covered by warranty. All warranty items for saunas, salt caves and float tanks are predicated on the proper use and professional installation that ensure the proper application and adherence to these electronic specs and requirements for our saunas, salt caves and float tanks.

All float tank systems are to be operated by a trained associate at the end-user’s location The unique set up of the float technology requires an assistant start the session and end the session as well. All float tanks must be installed by certified and licensed plumbers and electricians.  If, for any reason the installation personnel are not licensed, certified and insured we suggest the end user find other installation professionals. Failure to adhere to these installation and session terms will void the warranty for these products. A sales representative can help with any questions.

Please note, when it comes to industrial use of saunas – saunas must be given a rest period after every three hours use for at least one hour.  If you’re using the sauna in business it is best to unplug the sauna for at one hour after every three hours of use.  Failure to do so could void the sauna warranty – additionally, the sauna should be unplugged when not in use and unplugged when the store or spa is closed. The saunas will give you plenty of use if handled properly.

Salt Walls, Salt Panels and Other Custom Ordered Items Such as Float Tank Systems. Please note all custom ordered items are non-cancelable upon the date of order. All custom orders such as salt walls are hand-made to order. Each salt wall or salt cave-in-a-box or similar set up takes multiple days by hand building and assembly, and therefore the customer agrees to accept that all such orders are final. In the event of any cancelation attempt after the order is placed, Sauna Zen retains the right to apply any fees incurred by Sauna Zen during the collection process. Please note: All float tank systems and halo generators are custom orders from overseas.  Once you place your order with Sauna Zen, we transfer funds to our factory partners, and once these funds are transferred Sauna Zen will make no refunds. Float tanks and halo generators take time to manufacture and generally require 30-60 days before they arrive in our Los Angeles offices. If you have questions about your final order status, please request more information from your Sauna Zen sales professional.

Float Tank System Installations: 

Sauna Zen’s float tank systems are large, heavy and precise systems. Sauna Zen requires that the customer use only properly trained professionals to off load, set up and calibrate the systems. Failure to do so will void the warranty on your float tank system.

This includes, but is not limited to, sufficient man power for off-loading, proper inspection upon arrival of the systems. The installation of the float tank system must be executed by a series of licensed professionals including but not limited to: Plumbers, Contractors and Electricians. In the event of a warranty claim all installation personnel may be required to present certifications for the warranty to be valid. Please start any warranty claim by filling in our support form so that we may begin the warranty process. Note: all warranty claims can take 1-14 business to determine what the issue is and another 1-7 days for Sauna Zen to receive the parts for warranty issues, before we can send these parts to you.

Troubleshooting: is the process of elimination to ascertain the issue and determine the proper course of correction including if the issue is valid and if it’s covered under our service agreements. For example, saunas have a 12 month warranty on all electrical parts and 24 month warranty on the box, hardware, and other structural components. Abuse and/or misuse is not covered in any form on any product. Failure to employ the proper licensed personnel to install items will result in a warranty violation. It is very important for you to follow Sauna Zen’s troubleshooting process as it’s an integral step in the handling of the warranty process, repairs and solutions. The end user for any items will be required to provide time, images, and inspect items on hand for our engineers to ascertain the next steps.  Failure to provide your assistance on these matters may halt any and all attempts to find a solution to concerns.  Any repairs that are determined to be needed at your location are the responsibility of the user. We are happy once we conclude the troubleshooting process to provide direction, parts, encouragement and consultation on an appointment basis.  All product issues may be subject to troubleshooting and the process generally takes several days or longer. Note: failure to complete or comply with the process will signal that all systems are functioning and our efforts will be halted. Communication is key to the warranty claim process and not communicating with Sauna Zen will delay or halt the warranty process. For warranty specifics please contact your sales representative.

Damages: In the event, an item is damaged during shipping, or the customer receives a defective item, the customer will have the option of receiving a replacement product or a store credit. Please note: all freight shipments must be inspected on arrival and any damages must be noted to the driver.   The customer must retain a copy of the damages noted and the documents must be forwarded to the warehouse office on the date of arrival. Freight shipments are insured until items are signed for, and not a moment after.  Failure to inspect the items upon delivery will mean that you have no recourse for damages. Please follow these steps and notify our customer service department if you notice any problems. Customers accept that it is up to them to inspect all orders upon arrival and that freight item are to be inspected before you sign for the shipments.

Demands or Threats, The warranty for all items is clearly posted and understandable. If you need clarification, we are available by email and support form for both information and support services. If for any reason a customer makes a threat to any of our employees of any kind or uses illegal language or racial epithets of any kind, all warranties are void immediately – furthermore all threats will be reported to the proper authorities and all rights to use our site will be revoked.

Order Changes and Cancellation Policy: All orders whether online, phone or mail agree to the entire terms and conditions contained in this document. Orders ship as soon as the products are ready for shipment. Orders can be changed or canceled before any order ships. Any changes or cancellations must be received in writing during business hours on business days (hours are 9:30 -5:00 Monday – Friday) via regular mail or email. Any cancellations must be received within those business days no later than one day prior to product shipment. Holidays and weekends are not business days and do not count toward the cancellation policy. All cancellations must be recognized by our sales or shipping departments in writing via return email or regular mail. Once an item has shipped, no cancellations will be accepted or offered. Customers will handle any and all associated expenses derived from either refusing shipments and/or shipping and restocking fees. One can refer to the return exchange policy for further assistance.

EXCEPTION: Once ordered, Halo Generators, Float Tank Systems and/or Salt Walls cannot be canceled – Halo Generators and Float Tank Systems are manufactured to order, and once your order is taken and transmitted to the factory no cancellations are accepted. There will be no refunds on Halo Generators that are refused at the time of delivery.

Proper Use. Salt lamps utilize electrical cords and bulbs; it is important to note that cords should never be placed on combustible materials such as rugs or other similar or conductive items. It is further recommended that lamps not be left on when one is away for an extended period. Inspect all components and check to make sure they are working properly. Any defective cord may have been damaged in shipping and can be replaced for free if we are notified promptly. Please refer to the entire terms and conditions located on the site. Please also review the bulb and cord assembly video on the site for proper assembly.

Charge Backs – Non Sufficient Funds – Fraudulent Purchases.  All orders, whether purchased online, over the phone or in person fall under Sauna Zen’s charge back, non-sufficient funds and fraudulent purchases policy- please note in all instances a 25% collection fee is assessed to all orders of over $250.00. In addition, all collections charges (fees collected from collection agencies, process servers and or legal fees) will be assessed to any of the above actions.  Please note any charge back will be assessed a $100.00 collection fee in addition to the percentage and applied by our collection services. In many cases chargebacks are simply one trying to keep a product without paying.  However we are happy to assist any customer and urge customers to contact support via our support system. Failure to contact support and work through the support process does not mean the end user gets to keep the product and not pay for them. Additionally, chargebacks will result in a freezing of and possibly cancelling any warranty and any service related functions. Note no warranty, service or support will be provided if any item is being charged back.

Delivered by the Shipping Company but Lost or Stolen from Delivery Location/Locations.  Please note if the customer orders products to be delivered to an address and our shipping partners confirm shipment as delivered, Sauna Zen is not responsible for stolen or lost items. Customers that are concerned about items should always request signature required for safer deliveries. While it is regrettable and a shame when items get stolen, Sauna Zen has no responsibility to refund or replace lost or stolen items that are confirmed delivered to the corresponding addresses provided by the customer.

Please note if you think your items are lost or stolen you must open a support ticket within 14 days of item’s delivery or loss by shipping company. Failure to do so could result in all claims being refused by UPS, Fed Ex or USPS. All items are insured, however, all claims must be submitted in writing. Please note, all packages are insured by a limited insurance policy. If you’re buying expensive items we suggest you upgrade the insurance as the base insurance may not cover all items ordered

Packages Refused:  Packages shipped to customers that decide to refuse shipments upon arrival will be charged for the initial shipping charges, the return shipping charges and a minimum 20% restocking fee. Please note all labor and restocking materials needed such as boxes and other packing materials can be charged to an order. On most items, we ship FedEx or freight shipping, however in the event of a refusal all shipping costs are the returning party’s responsibility. We are not liable for any customer deciding to change their mind! While it perfectly okay to refuse items please make a note that all associated expenses are the refusing party’s responsibility. All necessary collection attempts will be taken on behalf of and any additional expenses required will be the refusing party’s responsibility. All customers agree that it is their responsibility to pay for these fees and expenses should they choose to refuse shipments. Note: once an item is shipped, any changes to the shipment by the customer require extra fees and charges in most cases.  Sauna Zen suggests you inquire with them prior to making any changes to an order after the shipping date to better understand or avoid additional charges.

Important Information:  Packages returned as unable to deliver will be refunded when the packages arrive back at our warehouse, however, all shipping fees are the customer’s responsibility including return shipping and additionally a fee of 15-20% will be deducted from the refund amount. If Sauna Zen ships to the wrong address and it is determined to be our mistake, we will gladly resend the packages with our apologies. Our goal is to provide the finest quality products and gifts however from time to time shipping problems can occur.

INDEMNIFICATION. All customers agree and understand that all customers at any time will indemnify, defend and hold Sauna Zen and our affiliates harmless from any liability, loss, claim, and expense, including reasonable attorney’s fees, arising from your use of our website and or the products or information offered. The customer uses all information at their own will. Any violation of these terms and conditions will be terms for removal of service.

Custom Orders and Importing Orders, etc.  Importing and manufacture of custom orders like salt walls, salt panels, salt caves, float tank systems, Halo Generators and other items like salt walls and salt bricks, etc. are not refundable. These items are handmade and or one of a kind items, specifically ordered per customer. Any funds applied toward or from pre-orders, overseas orders and custom orders are nonrefundable as the items are pre-selected by the buyer. All sales are final and the buyer assumes responsibility to pay in full with regard to the stated terms and conditions for importing, manufacture and all payments must be made via the accepted payment vehicles.

Right To Refuse or Cancel Service:  The company retains the right to refuse or cancel service to any client or customer. We offer exemplary services and products and if the company feels that customers are in any way aggressive, threatening or verbally abusive to our employees, staff or clients we will refuse service, Threats are serious and will be forwarded to law enforcement.

Gift Cards and related issues:  There is no refund or exchange policy provided for orders from gift cards or sent to third parties. We do not warranty any orders that are executed with gift cards from any company. All gifts or gift card issues are the responsibility of the cardholder to rectify. We do not warranty or accept returns, refunds or exchanges of any kind when a gift card has been used in any product transaction.

Wrong Addresses or undeliverable addresses:  Regrettably, customers whom mistakenly supply the wrong delivery address are responsible for the entire shipment. We cannot offer refunds, exchanges or free items in exchange. The site has ample opportunity for customers to review all orders and double check shipping information. It is the customer’s responsibility to offer accurate delivery addresses and all accompanying information no matter how insignificant. Please note return shipping charges along with any other restocking necessities will be deducted from refunds. Large packages cannot be delivered to a PO box. Therefore any items that have an incorrect address or undeliverable address have no refund policy if not returned to the shipper. We, however, will do all we can to help you get another order ASAP. We can be reached easily for order review and or support.

Important notes and considerations: 

* Tracking services may not be available on Free shipping options.

***If a product is out of stock it will ship at the next available shipping date. We will make every attempt to get your products to you or notify you of any suspected delays. We cannot take responsibility for delays due to weather, labor strikes, and or holiday and other shipping delays outside of our influence.

***Himalayan Salt Walls and other salt products will vary in size, shape, color, and overall appearance. That is the nature of a natural product – NO TWO NATURAL PRODUCTS WILL LOOK THE SAME.

****All products are made from natural resources and all products will vary in size, shape, color, weight and overall appearance. We take special care to provide the highest quality products available and we are also aware that perfect uniformity is not possible when dealing with a medium such as Himalayan salt. All weights and measures are our best estimates; however, your product weight or measurement may vary due to the nature of the product. By purchasing from Sauna Zen or our affiliates, the buyer accepts the entire terms and conditions and also recognizes that ordering a natural product comes with variances in size, shape, color, and texture. All items include estimated heights, weights, and appearances based on our history of offerings. In addition, the pictures used on the site will not be the product you will receive, for an additional fee we are happy to take an image of your lamp or other products on a non-refundable basis and email to you for approval. The fee will extend to each item photographed and will be applied before an order is executed. Please note packaging, images, and other items may change without notice, however, all will be similar and of the highest quality. If you disagree with any part of the terms and conditions we ask that you not complete the order. Should you have questions we have a toll free number to call for more clarification. Thank you.

*****Prices, products, color, description, and weight may change without notice. The statements extend to the entire site and all products listed. The images used on the site are the best available representations of each product.  All natural products like Himalayan salt are unique, and therefore one accepts that when purchasing products.

Dispute Resolution:  Should any disputes arise that are not handled by our terms of use, we reserve the right and all customers agree that any and all legal action be conducted in Los Angeles County in the city of Santa Monica CA. Sauna Zen is a California company. In addition, when applicable, Sauna Zen reserves the right to arbitration and may require an arbitrator be contacted to help remedy any issues. All Customers agree to this dispute resolution whether buying online, in person or over the phone. Note the designated arbitration company is Triple-A (AAA arbitration).  Any and all legal proceedings will take place in California, the home state of Sauna Zen, and in the city of Santa Monica, CA.

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