Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas for the Home

Spa Therapy in the Comfort of Your Home

Infrared Saunas are at the top of our list for in-home spa therapy products. A sauna session can renew us, relax us and help rid our body of toxins—in just a short 30 to 60 minute session once or twice a week. Sauna Zen offers two series of Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas for the home.

Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas utilized the latest advances in sauna technology to combine the therapeutic benefits of NIR, MIR and FIR (FAR) Infrared waves with Chromotherapy in one sauna. Sauna Zen Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas operate at ultra-low EMF levels.  Our saunas come in one person, two person and four person sizes.

You have your choice of Full Spectrum with Carbon Fiber or Ceramic Tube Infrared Heating Elements. Carbon Fiber supplies more NIR Infrared and runs at a cooler temperature than Ceramic Tube which supplies more FIR Infrared and are usually less expensive.  We offer flexible payment plans on all of our saunas.*

Carbon Fiber Infrared Saunas

Carbon Fiber Full-Spectrum Infrared heating elements provide all the benefits of full spectrum infrared waves (FIR, MIR, NIR) plus Chromatherapy. Additionally, carbon fiber infrared saunas provide evenly distributed heat throughout the sauna and operate at ultra-low EMF levels.

Ceramic Tube Infrared Saunas

Ceramic Tube Full-Spectrum Infrared heating elements provide all the benefits of NIR, MIR and FIR infrared waves.  Additionally, ceramic tube saunas are less expensive, while they concentrate heat close to the ceramic tube and generally run hotter than carbon fiber saunas.


To be effective saunas need to be used on a regular basis. The average cost of a sauna session at a spa is around $30 (plus your time and transportation costs to and from the spa). Three to four sessions per week are recommended—at that rate, buying a personal sauna for in-home use will pay for itself in less than six months.

Additionally, sauna sessions mean that you sweat, and that sweat is absorbed by the wooden benches in the sauna cabinet. Having your own sauna means never having to sit in someone else’s sweat.

Finally, to get the full benefits of a sauna session, you should be naked. This is easy to do in the privacy of your own home. It’s much harder to pull off in a public sauna spa.



The answer to this depends on your personal choices.  Ceramic tube saunas tend to run hotter than carbon fiber, allowing you a more vigorous sweat and resulting detox.  They also cost less to purchase, although carbon fiber saunas cost less to run on a per-session basis.

Since both our ceramic tube and carbon fiber based sauna lines come with a full spectrum infrared element, either choice will provide the following health benefits.




FIR (FAR) Infrared waves penetrate up to 1.5” beneath the skin.  Both of our full spectrum sauna lines produce FIR/FAR Infrared waves.  According to a recent paper by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), FIR can affect the formation of molecular bonds and improve health at a cellular level.  FIR (FAR) Infrared waves are absorbed by the water inside our bodies, raising our core body temperature up to 3° Fahrenheit to produce a vigorous, detoxifying sweat.  Sitting in a FIR (FAR) Infrared sauna for just 30 minutes is a form of passive aerobic exercise and can burn as many calories as a half-hour of walking or jogging.  FIR (FAR) Infrared is best for detoxification.

FIR (FAR) Therapeutic Benefits:

  • Detoxification
  • Reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels
  • Reduction of waistline aiding weight loss efforts
  • Improvement in cardiac and vascular function
  • Promotes improvements in general health
  • Reduction in stress levels
  • Reduction in pain levels
  • Reduction in muscle and joint stiffness
  • Reduction in fatigue


Both of our Full Spectrum Sauna lines produce MIR Infrared waves that penetrate the soft tissue where inflammation occurs.  MIR infrared waves act to dilate the blood vessels which increases circulation, bringing more oxygen to these areas of inflammation helping them heal.  MIR Infrared is best for healing.

MIR Therapeutic Benefits:

  • Accelerates tissue healing
  • Reduction in inflammation
  • Reduction in pain levels
  • Increases metabolic rate to promote weight loss


NIR infrared waves increase ATP production which stimulates blood circulation and production of white blood cells and collagen. Both of Sauna Zen’s Infrared Sauna Full Spectrum sauna lines produce NIR infrared waves. NIR Infrared is best for relief from pain.

NIR Therapeutic Benefits:

  • Increases metabolic rate
  • Stimulates white blood cell production
  • Reduces body fat
  • Promotes cell regeneration
  • Reduces inflammation within the body
  • Improves circulation
  • Improvement in wound healing
  • Provides pain relief
  • Revitalizes the skin
  • Reduction in muscle and joint pain levels
  • Increased flexibility



Infrared Saunas are a relatively recent technology with the first patent being issued in 1965.  It wasn’t until the early 1980s that infrared sauna technology was made available to the public.  Since then there have been numerous improvements to Infrared Saunas, and Sauna Zen is pleased to be able to offer the latest techno breakthroughs in our Full Spectrum Sauna.

All of our Carbon Fiber and our Ceramic Tube Infrared Saunas work off of normal home electrical circuits (except for our four person sauna which require a 30 AMP circuit).  Sauna Zen offers Full Spectrum Saunas in three sizes (one, two and four-person).

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Saunas

Will a sauna help a hangover?

It’s important to understand that a hangover results from excess drinking of alcohol which dehydrates the body.  Sweating in a sauna leads to even more dehydration.  The best results for a sauna helping a hangover will come from drinking a lot of water, eating a proper meal and conducting a light workout prior to a sauna session.

Can I lose weight in a sauna?

Yes, you can.  Even a 15 minute sauna session can help you lose up to five pounds of water weight.  For years, professional boxers have used saunas to cut their weight prior to weigh-in.  Sitting in an infrared sauna is a passive form of exercise which speeds up your metabolism and burns up to 80 calories per 30 minutes.

Will a sauna hurt my phone?

Yes, it will.  The high heat of the sauna is bad for the phone and its internal circuitry.  It also can adversely affect your battery life and can even lead to your battery exploding or cause permanent damage to your SIM card.  Since the purpose of being in a sauna is to relax, why would you even consider bringing your phone into one?

How long should I stay in a sauna?

As a general rule, sauna sessions should run between 15 and 30 minutes at first.  Gradually, you can work your way up to 45 minute sessions.  The longer you stay in a sauna, the more dehydrated you will become so make sure you drink plenty of water before, during and after your sauna session.

How many calories are burned in a sauna session?

A sauna session will burn up to 80 calories per half-hour which is roughly the same amount as you’d burn walking for the same amount of time.

Can I use my sauna when pregnant?

Check with your doctor.  For the most part, medical practitioners advise against using a sauna while pregnant so you don’t get overheated.

What should I wear in my sauna?

You should wear as little as possible in the sauna.  Naked is best.  If you must wear clothing make sure it is loose fitting.  While infrared waves will penetrate clothing, they do lose some of their “power” before they get to your body.  Make sure you take off your jewelry prior to entering the sauna—you don’t want to burn yourself when your earrings or bracelets or necklaces or rings get super-hot from the sauna.

Should I sauna before or after a workout?

Some experts advise using the sauna before a workout, others advise using it after.  One benefit of using a sauna before you workout is that it helps your body warmup and be ready for exercise.  One benefit of using a sauna after you workout is that it can help flush your body of the wastes that have built up in your muscles and joints from exercising.  No two people are the same, so we advise trying both before and after and see which works better for you.  Another thought would be to keep workouts and sauna sessions apart from each other so you can experience the full benefits of each.

What are the benefits of a sauna session?

Sauna sessions have plenty of wellness benefits.  They increase your blood circulation and stimulate your sweat glands to secrete built-up toxins.  They reduce stress and fatigue.  They can help you lose weight and speed up your metabolism.  They can soothe achy muscles and joint pain.  They can improve your skin. 

People Who Bought Saunas Also Bought Salt Caves

Imagine adding the natural wellness properties of Himalayan Salt to one of the above saunas.    Think of it: Infrared Sauna Therapy; Chromotherapy and Himalayan Salt Natural Ion Therapy.  It’s like having a sauna on steroids.