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Super Nova Himalayan Salt Lamp 5-7″ tall 4-5 lbs


Super nova Small salt Lamp from SpiritualQuest.

One thing about our salt lamps has always been the quality so it brings up a familiar question from our followers. Gift giving is a major part of business and our customers have asked for a smaller more manageable lamp to give as gifts.

We introduce the super nova lamp today - its stands 6-7 inches tall approx. and weighs in at a solid 4- 6lbs. This size makes it a great choice too for all your gift giving needs.

Made from our renowned quality salt, this lamp comes complete with bulb and cord assembly and can be used in any room of the house. The coverage of our lamps is one pound of salt will cover a ten square foot area making it a powerful lamp at a great value.

SpiritualQuest is the only American owned and operated Himalayan Salt Lamp Manufacturer, we offer the finest quality and thank you for your order today.

The Super Nova Small Salt Lamp won't be around for long so get yours today.


NOTE: Please contact us at 877.535.2267 if you need assistance obtaining an EIN

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