At Sauna Zen, we have plenty of high quality Himalayan infrared saunas for you to choose from. Each one comes with the very finest heating elements, Ultra Low EmF technology, and accessories to make your sauna a true getaway anytime.
You can choose between one, two, or three and four person saunas, depending on your needs and available space. Since the three person sauna is larger, you will of course need to make certain you have enough room for it before ordering. If you just aren’t sure about which sauna is right for you, give us a call and we will be more than happy to help. Each one contains everything you could need to get the most health benefits. Sauna Zen saunas use carbon fiber heating elements in the elite versisons, which heat the objects inside the sauna instead of just heating the air. This means that the far infrared rays in your sauna can penetrate deep into your body, without needing to get sweltering like traditional saunas do. You will feel warm and relaxed, not uncomfortalble like some other low quality versons make you feel. However, with the Sauna Zen, you will actually get deeper, penetrating heat, that can reach way down into the body, sloughing off toxins and providing relief from pain and swelling.
When choosing a sauna, remember that if you want the three person sauna, you will have more than enough room for three people to use the sauna at the same time. You will all be able to relax and unwind in comfort, while the carbon fiber heating elements work to destroy fat cells, remove toxins, and aid in the relief of pain as well. Some of the features of Sauna Zen saunas is reading and accent lighting, oxygen generator, molded seats for comfort, remote control, stereo, carbon fiber heating elements, even heating throughout, and also all of the benefits that come with the use of genuine Himalayan salt bricks. Himalayan salt has tons of healing properties, like better breathing through reduced inflammation that come from asthma, chronic bronchitis, and other breathing problems. Himalayan salt also reduces positive ions in the air, allowing you to breathe easier, have more focus, achieve greater relaxation, and even get a better night’s sleep.
This is the ultimate sauna experience that you can have anytime you feel like it. You will never have to drive to the gym, pay high prices, or share the sauna with anyone you don’t want to share with again. Each Sauna Zen sauna is easy to clean and care for, and will last you for years.
Sauna Zen takes your comfort and health very seriously, and will always be there for any questions or concerns you might have both before and after your purchase. When you have all the answers , it will be much easier for you to make the right choice for you and your family. When you get your Sauna Zen , you will finally feel and see what you have been missing all these years without one. Live the good life you were meant to live with the incomparable Sauna Zen!