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About Us

Sauna Susan Robertson, the founder of SpiritualQuest and SaunaZen, began her journey into natural pain relief and relaxation at the age of fifteen. She suffered horribly from debilitating migraines, and sought out a more effective and homeopathic way to ease her pain. She learned how to harness the power of meditation, and found an all-natural way to deal with everything from everyday aches and pains to learning techniques for total stress relief, giving her a much healthier mind and body. She wanted to share what she learned with others, and made her first product, the Om Candle Holder Projector, which was an instant hit. Since then, many more homeopathic products have been realized, and she and her company now offer dozens of items, like Himalayan salt lamps, spa stones, Gourmet Himalayan salt, and tons more. All of the items offered have been made right in house, or designed and manufactured only for SpiritualQuest and SaunaZen.
Now with SaunaZen, Susan and company hope to let the world in on the healing and relaxing benefits to be had with the utilization of their Superior Quality saunas. Made with the finest materials and components, and years of research have went into these saunas to be certain they meet our exacting standards Susan and Co. have always demanded from every product they sell. Susan believes in going above and beyond for her customers, and SaunaZen is no exception.
SuanaZen is unlike any other sauna out there today. It was designed from the ground up to offer greater benefits for the mind and body. It uses ZenWave technology to offer customers the most comfortably strong penetrating heat enabling the fastest and best detoxification, cleansing, weight loss, pain relief and relaxation. These saunas are meant to help achieve complete stress relief, while toxins are dispelled from the body. They help with weight loss, since cellular function is increased, allowing for a faster metabolism that makes it easier for you to burn fat while just sitting in encompassing pleasure. In addition, SaunaZen saunas give users a tremendous boost in energy levels and healthier skin and hair. People have discovered all natural pain management as well, through the penetrating heat of the carbon fiber panels. This heat gets down far into the body, relieving sore muscles, pain from arthritis, and gives relief that is experiential.
With the advent of SaunaZen, Susan can now see her dream come to fruition; that everyone learns the exceptional spiritual and physical benefits that can be obtained through the use of her saunas, and lead happier and healthier lives. She completely fell in love with her Sauna, and knew she had to give this awesome gift to the world. Now, you too can experience relief that goes way beyond traditional saunas, and know the unique experience of SaunaZen! Thank you and enjoy.

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