Which Two Person Sauna Should You Install?

If you are thinking about installing a two person sauna in your home (as a growing number of people are doing these days), you might be wondering which kind you should install. You may have more options than you think you do. It is more than just a matter of which brand to select; there are several different types of saunas with different types of benefits. The days of the simple dry or wet sauna are over. Here are a few of the differences so you can make an informed decision.




When most people think about a sauna in their home, they are thinking about the conventional type of sauna, which relies on heating the air inside the unit to induce perspiration. This used to happen through some sort of wood burning stove, but in modern times home units are more likely to use an electrical heating element. This usually involves having a dedicated breaker circuit in the home. Conventional saunas typically heat up to around 180 degrees Fahrenheit to induce sweat, and the air can be humidified by pouring water on the rocks heated by the element.




That being said, more and more people are gravitating toward an infrared two person sauna for their homes, as opposed to the conventional variety. Infrared saunas rely on a different technology—infrared rays emitting through elements in the walls of the unit—to heat the skin directly, and the surrounding air secondarily. This means that the air in the unit does not need to get quite as warm in order to induce sweat, which makes for a more relaxing, gentle warming experience. There are also added health benefits to using infrared technology. Saunas in general are touted for their usefulness in weight loss and heart health, but infrared saunas enhance these benefits because the skin is warmed at a deeper level through beneficial infrared light. This results in the burning of more calories per session, increased circulatory benefits, and even an increase in the release of toxins as opposed to simple perspiration alone. Additionally, infrared light offers benefits to the skin directly, and many people report that it assists in the healing of skin irritations and relief from aches and pains. As an added benefit, some infrared saunas are simple enough that they can be plugged into an outlet, rather than wired into a separate breaker circuit. So when considering a two person sauna for your home, consider that you may have more options than you thought. Many people prefer infrared saunas over conventional saunas for their added health benefits and greater comfort.


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