Top Ten Health Benefits of an Infrared Sauna

If you’ve been wondering about the health benefits of an infrared sauna over a traditional one, health professionals and scientists (along with the sauna users themselves) have plenty to say about it. Not only are infrared saunas generally more conducive to home installations (i.e., easy to transport and install, energy efficient and durable), but it turns out that they also offer numerous health benefits. Some of these benefits are comparable to those of traditional saunas, but in many cases those health benefits are increased—and in other cases, infrared rays can benefit you in ways traditionally heated saunas simply can’t match. To explain the difference briefly—conventional saunas rely on the heating of the inside air to warm the skin and induce sweat, either through wood burning, electrical heating elements or other means. Infrared saunas, by contrast, warm the skin directly through beneficial infrared rays emanating from elements within the sauna walls. It’s a different experience, but accomplishes many of the same purposes with even better results. You can purchase infrared saunas from Sauna Zen. That said, here are the top ten health benefits of an infrared sauna:

10. Weight Loss

Deeper warming of the skin means more calories burned—sometimes as much as 700 calories per session.

9. Detoxifications

While perspiration alone helps remove unwanted toxins from the body, some toxins reside deeper in the tissues of our body. Infrared warming releases more of these toxins. (Using detox crème enhances this benefit even further.)

8. Pain Relief

Infrared heating helps release endorphins, the body’s natural pain reliever. Many users with arthritis, fibromyalgia or other chronic muscle/joint pain issues report feeling better with regular infrared sauna use.

7. Better Sleep

The same endorphins that help relieve pain also help you sleep better at night.

6. Relaxation Aid

Traditional saunas can reach uncomfortably high temperatures because they rely on heating the air. Because infrared saunas warm the skin directly, the temperature does not need to get quite as high, making for a more enjoyable, relaxing experience.

5. Enables wound healing

Infrared radiation has been known to facilitate quicker healing of the skin.

4. Better Skin Tone

Infrared rays can help repair damaged skin cells and slow the aging process.

3. Better Overall Cell Health

Infrared rays enable better oxygenation of the cells of our body, improving our immune systems.

2. Increased Circulation

Infrared warming helps the blood vessels dilate for better blood flow and increased delivery of nutrients.

1. Reduced Blood Pressure

Warmer body temperatures and increased blood flow cause an increase in heart rate (similar to exercise). This can serve to reduce blood pressure over time. These are the top ten health benefits of an infrared sauna. For more information, contact Sauna Zen.


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