Health Benefits of Infrared Saunas

Many people these days are spending time regularly in saunas for a variety of stated health reasons, but the health benefits of an infrared sauna can be better still. As it turns out, the heat generated by infrared light can be more beneficial in a number of ways than a heated environment in general—so much so that infrared saunas have been recommended by numerous medical and wellness experts, including even Dr. Oz. What are these benefits? Let’s go over a few of the more significant ones.




Saunas have long been hailed as a tool for burning calories due to the fact that the body exerts energy to cool itself when it is heated; but infrared radiation penetrates slightly deeper into the skin in a safe manner, allowing for gentle heating without overheating the environment. As the body warms, it works harder to cool itself through perspiration. An infrared sauna session can help you burn 600 to 700 calories just by relaxing!




Sauna use has been known to emulate the effects of a mild cardio workout, increasing heart rate and blood flow. Infrared technology enables the dilation of blood vessels even further, promoting freer blood flow. Continued use has been shown to reduce blood pressure overall over time.




Our bodies store unwanted toxins in our muscles (e.g., nicotine, metals, etc.) that can make us feel bad over time. Perspiration is a natural way for the body to release some of those toxins; however, the deeper tissue penetration of infrared light allows for the release of even more of these toxins, so the body can dispose of them naturally.




Body heating releases endorphins, a natural chemical that helps to relieve aches and pains. Infrared heating of the body helps to release these all the more, making the use of an infrared sauna very therapeutic for chronic aches and pains. Endorphins can also assist in sleep, and infrared sauna users often report that they sleep better at night.



Infrared light promotes more oxygenation at the cellular level, enabling the removal of toxins as described above. As this happens, the cells are able to heal more efficiently. As a result, infrared therapy has been associated with quicker healing of skin and muscle tissues, as well as improving the immune system overall. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why the use of an infrared sauna can provide lasting health benefits over time. If any of these benefits appeal to you, you might want to consider having an infrared sauna installed in your home.


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