Corner Saunas Save Space In the Home

If you have been putting off purchasing an in-home infrared sauna due to concerns about how much space it will require, you should know that corner saunas (from Sauna Zen) can conserve space in ways that regular sauna designs cannot. These special units are designed to fit in a 90-degree corner of the room in such a way that they look as though they belong there. If you think about it, the corners of a room are often wasted space in interior design. While placing something in the corner can save space for the rest of the room, many people don’t like the look of it because it gives the impression that the room is actually more cluttered than it is. However, it makes a perfect space for a sauna because the sauna itself looks like another small room—and because it is placed in a part of the room that is rarely used, it makes the rest of the room look less cluttered while still conserving valuable space.


The benefits of infrared saunas in general are well documented. Rather than relying solely on heating the inside air, infrared saunas warm the skin directly through beneficial infrared rays. Not only does this deeper-level warming of the skin enable greater weight loss, better blood flow, lower blood pressure and deeper relaxation, but infrared rays are also known to promote pain relief and skin healing. (Not to mention the fact that infrared saunas are more comfortable because the temperature does not get as high as in the conventional varieties.) Many people understand the benefits of infrared saunas but feel they have insufficient space in their home to install one. This is where corner saunas can provide a much-needed solution.



Corner saunas can actually take a variety of shapes, depending in part on how many people they are designed to accommodate. You may simply want a single-person sauna for your own private use, but you can choose for 2-person, 3-person or 4-person saunas as well. One common design is for the sauna itself to be five-sided, with the two back sides fitting the corner and three panels forming the front, with a door in the middle. This design provides ample space within the sauna without taking up too much space in the room in which it has been placed. If you think you don’t have enough room in your home for an infrared sauna, think again. Corner saunas from Sauna Zen might be just the solution you are looking for.


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