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Choosing the Right Four Person Sauna

If you are thinking about installing a four person sauna in your home, you have a number of different options involving more than just size. A sauna that holds more than two people will naturally take up space, involving some adjustments in your home; you want to be certain you are making the best choice for your needs. Different saunas have different space and electrical/ventilation requirements, provide different experiences, and offer different health benefits. Let’s go over a few of your options here.


Traditional or conventional saunas come in a number of varieties. The more traditional versions relied (and some still rely) on primitive forms of heating such as a wood burning stove. Some people still prefer this option, but bear in mind that installing this type of sauna in your home will require proper ventilation to the outside. More common to home sauna units is one with an electrical heating unit, which is more convenient and just as effective (often the temperature can be controlled via remote). Even with electric units, however, a four person sauna will still require you to have a separate breaker circuit.


Many people these days are choosing infrared saunas over the traditional variety. It is a different experience, but many claim the health benefits are superior to those of conventional saunas. What is the difference? Simply put, this type of sauna warms the skin through beneficial infrared rays, rather than simply heating the air through a heating element. Ceramic or carbon fiber panels line the walls of the sauna, emitting infrared light evenly throughout the sauna. The direct warming of the skin means that the inside temperature of the sauna does not get nearly as hot and stifling as that of the conventional variety in order to induce perspiration. Many consider this to be a more relaxing experience. In addition, many of the health benefits associated with sauna use seem to be improved upon with infrared technology. Those on weight loss regimens find that infrared saunas burn more calories per session; the warming of the skin at a deeper level helps to remove more toxins than would be released in a conventional sauna; and warming the skin at the deeper cellular level also improves circulatory health by raising the heart rate, increasing blood flow, and eventually lowering blood pressure. Also, natural infrared radiation is believed to improve skin health overall, facilitating in the healing of skin ailments and providing relief to aches and pains. Finally, from a practical standpoint, infrared saunas are easier to install and often can be simply plugged in without the need for a dedicated breaker. If you are considering a four person sauna for your home, hopefully this brief overview will help you understand your options so you can make an informed decision.


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