How To Use Your Sauna As A Detox Machine

Every day our bodies are exposed to and absorb toxins. It’s unavoidable: car exhaust, the air we breath, city treated water, even the foods we eat that were processed with or cooked with aluminum pans and many other daily occurrences bombard us with toxins.

That’s why we recommend a Shock Detox cleanse to jump start your bodies detox abilities. Your goal if you want to get the maximum detox results from your Sauna Zen sauna is to help transport the metabolic waste out of your body as quickly as possible so that your body can return to normal faster(or storing unnecessary waste(fat) cells.

We start with the Sauna Zen sauna itself.  Our saunas offer your choice of carbon fiber or ceramic tube full-spectrum infrared rays that penetrate deeper into your body than any other sauna heat system. This important for the different layers under the skin and connective tissue which can include nerve cells. This helps to open the “door” to release the impurities we carry.

Use our Sauna Detox Crème to help rid the skin of dry, aging dead cells that can create a “rotten” layer which not only is less than pleasant in smell but once removed can lead to beautiful shining skin. Sauna Detox Crème is designed to safely work with Sauna Zen sauna to trap and absorb the impurities forming on the skin surface.

Lightly Apply Sauna Detox Crème over your arms, neck, stomach and especially the bottoms of your feet about 10 to 15 minutes before entering the sauna.

  • Detox Crème is available in two strengths.
  • Aggressive: use this product the first month
  • Maintenance: use this product thereafter
  • Rest your feet on Himalayan salt bricks for increased detoxifying stimuli.

If you wear earrings, take them off before entering the sauna as they can leach inside the skin and cause metal toxicity. Also, they can get exceedingly hot during a sauna session and burn your skin.  The same advice applies to necklaces, bracelets, watches and other metal jewelry. Avoid wearing them for several hours afterwards tills the body has restored to natural temperature.

On a related subject, don’t take your phone into the sauna.  The heat is not good for the electronics inside your phone and in rare cases could cause its battery to explode.

For best results start with a 5-10 minute session first to test body’s response, working up to spend 20 to 30 minutes at 140° for each sauna session for maximum gain.

Make sure you hydrate—drink plenty of pure water before and after your sauna session.

Shower immediately after your sauna session. Allow 1-2 minutes of cool or cold water at the end of shower to close skin pores. Scrub hard with a Luffa Sponge. Hydrate skin with luxurious Supreme Solution skin oil replenisher to restore vibrant skin color and texture.

The end result if you follow these steps is that you will not only feel better, but look better.


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