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Single Person Infrared Sauna

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Ease into a brand new sauna experience with the elite SaunaZen single person sauna. The SaunaZen sauna is the epitome of comfort and quality that features ZenWave technology-superior carbon heating elements that have less vibration and always deliver deep heat that penetrates you to the core. This makes your time in the sauna far more relaxing, comfortable and effective.

The SaunaZen goes way beyond other saunas, and effectively blows them out of the water. The Sauna Zen single person sauna has an impressive resume:

  1. Nine Superior carbon Fiber heating elements that offer a much greater sauna experience than ceramic could ever hope to.
  2. Three exceptionally comfortable and ergonomically designed backrests that are designed to cradle you in comfort.
  3. Dual control panels both inside and out for easy and fast adjustments; you never have to leave the sauna to adjust the temp.
  4. State of the Art AccuTemp control panels so you always know the exact temperature of your sauna, allowing you to always relax in total comfort.
  5. Listen to your favorite tunes while you unwind and detoxify with your own built in CD stereo featuring remote and MP3 hookups.
  6. Oxygen generator is standard on every unit for an even greater relaxing sauna escape.
  7. Features a handy shelf for drinks, making them always within arm’s reach.
  8. Magazine or book rack to catch up on your reading while you get healthier and rejuvenated.
  9. Safe Tempered Glass with a magnetically sealed sculpted door handle.
  10. Lovely accent and reading lamps standard.

You work hard and deserve to cleanse, revitalize and detoxify your body whenever you feel like it in your own SaunaZen sauna.

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